Christopher Paolini Special

17 October 2008

The well famous Eragon series is highly recommended for everyone all ages. Its a very powerful story about Dragon Rider Eragon and his dragon Sophia. Each book grows more serious then the other, and a new book, Brisngr, has become a bestseller. The movie, Eragon, is terrible in my opinion. Like all movie, Eragon misses out on some sections, but way much more then imaginable. In fact, the producers of Eragon could not make another movie because on how much the first movie Eragon missed out on. And the actor that plays Eragon in the movie is HORRIBLE, and not very appealing like I thought the real Eragon was (is).

Of course, before watching the movie (if you watched it) read the book first. If you watch the movie first, then it erases your imagination from the book. PLEASE read the book first!!!

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