Book of 2009...and New Year Resolutions

31 December 2008

Instant Karma - 8879 Ways to Give Yourself and Others Good Fortune Right Now That books is amazing. It will make you a better person just my reading it. Some of the parts are meant for adults, but most of it can work for both children and adults. IF you follow what Barbara Ann Kipfer says in her book, you truly will get good fortune. ... For your New Year Resolution list, try to add these, and TRY to follow it.

I will..........
  • try to buy more eco-friendly products rather then the regular ones
  • plant one tree to make a difference
  • recycle as much as possible
  • carpool with my kids and friends
  • try not to waste a lot of gas when I drive
  • use my laundry machines in the coldest part of day to save energy
  • TRY to use instead of Google to save energyyy
I will be a better person to the environment, and the Earth.

Ophelia a novel by Lisa Klein

Ophelia is a marvelous re-telling of Shakespeare's tragic romance, Hamlet. I don't like romance, but there isn't that much. The plot and excitement is what I like about, the plot is as thick as a forest of kudzu. Its really tragic near then end, where Ophelia fleds to a convent in France and tries to forget her life. After all she's been through.... its terribly tragic, which is one of the reasons why I don't like Shakespeare's writing. He likes tragedy, and I don't. I'm more of the "Happily Ever After" fairy-tale person, because if the characters aren't happy, then I'm not happy. The ending is somewhat "happy" in a way. You'll just have to read the book to understand what I mean.

Since this is my first time reading about Hamlet, the girl who plays Ophelila on this book cover will always be my picture of Ophelia. If you do a Google Image search on "Ophelia" then you'll get these many illustrations of Ophelia, but none of them are right.

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

23 December 2008

I'm still reading Inkdeath, but so far its incredible. Fenoglio the author is losing control of his story, Mo is becoming more and more like the Bluejay, Dustfinger is dead, Farid and Meggie are in love, Roxane is in pain, Resa is carrying a second child, The Adderhead is still immortal, The Milksop is becoming rich, and Orpheous is becoming even more rich with laods of silver. Violente is planning to overthrow her father, Jacopo is looking more and more like his father, Cosimo the Fair, and Farid needs Orpheous to write Dustfinger back from the White Women. Apparently, a whole lot is going on because this is the last book to the Inkheart Trilogy. The plot thickens with twists and ties, I can't put the darn book down. The book Inkheart became a movie, but I haven't watched this, because I hate it when movie producers try to imitate and try to create the story again on film, because it ruins how I imagined the story in my head. Well, enjoy


HOLY COW! ok, theres this like disfigured love triangle going on! Meggie sort of doesn't like Farid that much, and Doria likes Meggie, but Farid still likes Meggie. !!!!!!!!!

Ok, I finished it. About 600 pages, and really nice. Apparently, Meggie chooses Doria and leaves Farid. I think that I like Doria better. The end of the story is the most thrilling part, where everything must be done in a short period of time. Mo has to destroy the White Book, or the Book that gives the Adderhead immortality, or else the White Women (daughters of Death) will take him and his daughter Meggie. 2 lives for the price of 1.

Notice that this picture in the middle of the cover is shaped like a skull

My Fav. Blog List

21 December 2008

I'm currently re-reading some of my most favorite books (Harry Potter) and I dont' have any books to post, SO I'm going to make a my favorite blog list.

1. Its my picture blog. Its awesome

2. My book blog


4. My friend Chris's blog here's his e-mail

5. My friends brother's site, Nick

6. Adam Gonzales site, he's a really good writer

Michael Buckley and the Grimm sisters

13 December 2008

How would you like it if everyone of your favorate fairy-tale characters hated you, excpet a few? Thats what its like for The Grimm sisters and their grandmother, Relda. The Brothers Grimm brought all the fairy-tale characters to Fairyport Landing, where the were trapped by a magical spell that blocks them inside. The Scarlet Hand, a group of Everafters that want to dominate the world, destroy and create weird and scary mysteries, and the Grimm Sisters have to solve them, after all, they ARE detectives.

The characters in the book are amazing, my favorate is Puck the Trickster King. He's an imature everafter that comes up with the most gruesome pranks to play on Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, like glueing Sabrina's head to a basketball and stuffing Sabrina's pillow with cow manure. How diaboilical. The whole series is amazing so far, Michael Buckley ROCKS

Margaret Perterson Haddix- Found

05 December 2008

It doesn't matter if your a boy or a girl, Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix is for everyone. One day, Angela DePre is on her first day as an airport attendant. When she see's that there isn't a plane at the gate, Monique (her boss) tries to find out what happens. Angela waits at the gate for the passengers to come off when the plane finally arrives, but nobody comes out. So Angela checks inside the plane, only to find 36 seats filled with babies. Was the plane a part of a major baby-smuggling ring, as the FBI says, or is it something even bigger that nobody would ever guess in this century. FOUND isn't one of those freaky freak stories, more like a super-modern story. Technology, babies, children, and JB......
Margaret has also written the Shadow Children series, with 7 books in all. Among the Hidden is the first one, and it also has to do with a child that isn't supposed to be there. the government says that each family should only have one child so that there wouldn't be a food shortage. But one family has an illegal child, one more than the should have......Will the government get involved, or will the child live?

Another Artemis Fowl post

03 December 2008

Artemis Fowl is one of my all-time favorate books with Harry Potter. Artemis's genius is hilarious and super cool. Its one of those action/fantasy stories, where Artemis is a 14 year old super-genius who is involved with the LEP and the fairy people underground. the technology used by the LEP is extremely advanced, almost all due to Foaly, a centuar that invented handy devices and computer technology.

Holly Short is a pretty fairy who's great-great-great-great-great etc... grandfather was Cupid. Holly is one of the only fairy people (with Foaly and others) who are in contact with Artemis and joins him in these AWESOME adventures. The most recent book published is Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox. Check my previous post on Artemis Fowl for the whole series. I still haven't gotten hold of the Artemis Fowl Graphic Novel, its one of those comic books. But I don't like the cartoons, because I always have a different image of Artemis in my mind, and the Artemis in the cartoons look nothing like what I have in mind. If your like me, then don't read the Graphic Novel (you can see why I chose that certain image above). I have a picture that does resemble my veiw of Artemis, look below

Jenny Nimmo

29 November 2008

The Charlie Bone series may not be original (my brother thinks its a complete copy of Harry Potter), but it is exciting. The series has come out with a new book, Charlie Bone and the Shadow, where the suspense rises. Dagbert the Drowner drowns Tancred, and Tancred is dead. A mysterious painting swallows a dog (Runner Bean) a boy (Billy) and Charlie. More of the Red King's past is revealed.

Jenny Nimmo also wrote the Magician Trilogy. This trilogy, in my opinion, is better then the Charlie Bone series, even though they are both really good. Check out the trilogy! United Kingdom also sells Charlie Bone books, except they have different titles, and the covers are awful!

Gold and chickens

23 November 2008

Spinners by Donna Jo Napoli is another beautifully crafted and unusual, retelling of the childrens story Rumplestiltskin. Though Napoli twists it up in an exciting way, like she always does. Its awesome! Unless you don't like old fashioned fairy tales....

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen is one of those books that show two points of veiw from two main characters. Its a story of Bryce and Juli. Juli was the annoying little girl who butted herself into Bryce's life, and Bryce was that new boy that was Juli's age. Can these two kids, who grew up together, ever get along? Wendelin is also the author of the Shredderman series, and many other books. But Flipped is a classic, and in my opinion, way much better.

Donna Jo Napoli special

15 November 2008

Hush, by Donna Jo Napoli, is a sad tale about an Irish princess and her sister are forced to hide as her country goes to war. Melkorka, extremley beautiful, is in the most danger. She and her sister Brigit, are caught in a slave ship. Brigit gets seperated and Melkorka is sold. Her new owner takes a liking to her, and travels with her to Iceland. Its sad to me, beause she doesn't go home, back to her mother, her father, and her lost sister. Its not suggested, but its a powerful story. Very moving.

Sirena is mostly a romance story dealing with immortality. During the Trojan War while Hera is busy, Sirena, a mortal mermaid, tries to become immortal. The only way for her to become immortal is to win the love of a mortal man.
Though I personally don't like romance, but if its an ancient Greek one, then this book is an exception.

The Great God Pan is another Greek story about Pan, and Iphigenia, the daughter of King Agamemnon. Its not particularly a romance, but a story of a god that humans segregated.

Beast is another mixed up version of a fairy tale. When the prince of Persia, Orasmyn, sacrifices an improper camel a fairy punishes him by transforming him into a lion. As a human, Orasmyn heard much of French roses and so he traveled to France. There a man is smelling the roses, and Lion Orasmyn tells him to bring the youngest daughter (Belle) who asked for a rose.

Zel is a great mixed up story of the old fairy tale Rapunzel. Zel grew up with her caring loving mother, who is a witch at plants, and is kept away from any other outsiders. But one day in the market that Zel rarely comes too, she meets a mysterious man, Konrad, and cannot stop thinking about him. The same is for Konrad. Mother, Zel's mom, keeps Zel is a long tower with everything Zel likes. After searching for Zel for a long time, Konrad finds her high is a stone tower. Wil Konrad rescue Zel, or will Mother have her way?

Enya and Achilles

08 November 2008

The legendary Greek hero, Achilles, has many re-tellings of his tale. One of the many stories about him is Achilles by Elizabeth Cook. Almost like a biography, with brief segments of his life is told in only 3 chapters and more then 100 pages. I give it 4 and a half stars. Also, a movie was made to tell the story of the Trojan War (you can see Brad Pitt as Achilles above) is called Troy. Mostly because the battle was in Troy...


Enya is not a book, but a really magnificent singer. She sings like a real angel, and has always been my favorate singer. A song that used to be my favorate as a child was Only Time by Enya. And below (1) is a really amazing song called Anywhere Is : (2) is another song called Only If.

Enya composes, sings, and plays the instruments on all her songs with the help on Nicky Ryan. Her family was very musicial, and Enya is a well known soloist singer in her home country of Ireland. Her music is known as "dream music" and "the music of your soul". Its AWESOME!


If you like the songs, post a comment on this message. Thanks

Dessen, Black, and Murdock

03 November 2008

Lock and Key, by Sarah Dessen (I have a habit of remembering author's names) is a story about a teen who smokes and handles her mom's job for her so there would be enough money to live in a house. Ruby's mother then mysteriously run's away, and Ruby is sent to live with her older sister and husband Cora and Jamie.

Tithe, by Holly Black is another story about a girl who smokes (the 'smoking girl' prompt gets old after a while) and this time, the main character Kaye is a pixie. Kaye then goes into an exciting adventure with a knight, her fairy friends, and herself.

The best book of all is Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock (I think). Its a creative story about a princess who discovers a book about the element fire, and she learns how to control it with magic, and while learning magic, she is trapped in a cell by Queen Sophie as a punishment for 'eating too much'. Ben however, does NOT eat too much, but Queen Sophie thinks so. Ben's parents died, and the new ruler is Sophie. Anyway, Sophie blames Drachenbatt, a neighboring kingdom, for the death of Ben's parents, and Drachenbatt blames it on a dragon. The current Drachenbatt rulers, a King and his son, Prince Florian are invited to Ben's kingdom. A weird connection is made between Florian and Ben,'ll see what rivalry is made. (By the way, the girl on the cover of the book is NOT Princess Benovelence)

Dragons and Da Vinci

27 October 2008

As you know on my previous posts, The Inheritence series is a traditional dragon tale. For lower readers (no offense) a dragon book I've read is Dragons Egg by Sarah L. Thompson. its pretty short with medium sized letters and 267 pages. Barely what I would call a book with real literature. Its 'ok', but not a really GREAT book. But still, you might like it!

If your are an artist or not, you WILL like the book The book Leonardo's Shadow by Christopher Grey. You can visit his site leonardo' I think...... Its a story told by a boy whom which Leonardo saves. The boy becomes Leonardo's servant and its increidble.

I'll try to add to this post later....

What the Moon Saw

25 October 2008

Resau has only written two books, Red Glass and What the Moon Saw . Both books are very powerful and express's nationalism of Mexico. Its filled with nature and touching stories, the two books both contain bits of romance.
What the Moon Saw, is about a girl, Clara Luna, who is Mexican but lives in America with her family. She gets a letter from her grandparent's asking her to visit, and Clara does. There she lives and explores everything, and she meets a boy named Pedro a guitarist and a goat herder. She falls in love with the beauty of Mexico and the simplicity of Pedro. Here's some official reveiws about it:

From School Library Journal Starred Review. Grade 5-9–Out of the blue, 14-year-old Clara Luna receives a letter from her grandparents inviting her to spend the summer with them in Mexico. She has never met her fathers parents and he has not seen them since he left his homeland more than 20 years ago. Wary of visiting people she doesnt know and yet frustrated and restless with her life at home, Clara embarks on the two-day journey to the remote village of Yucuyoo. Through her experiences there, she discovers not only her own strength as an individual, but also her talent for healing, which she shares with her grandmother. The exquisitely crafted narrative includes Claras first-person impressions and descriptions interspersed with chapters of her grandmothers story. The characters are well developed, each with a fully formed backstory. Resau does an exceptional job of portraying the agricultural society sympathetically and realistically, naturally integrating Spanish words and phrases in Mixteco into the plot without distracting from it. The atmosphere is mystical and dreamlike, yet energetic. Readers will relish Claras adventures in Mexico, as well as her budding romance with Pedro. This distinguished novel will be a great addition to any collection.–Melissa Christy Buron, Epps Island Elementary, Houston, TX Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From Booklist *Starred Review* "In all my fourteen years, I hadn't thought much about Mexico," says Clara, who lives in suburban Maryland with her American mother and Mexican father, who crossed the border illegally long ago. Then Clara's Mexican grandparents invite her to spend the summer with them in Oaxaca, and she finds herself on a plane, traveling to see a part of her father's life she has barely considered. Resau's deeply felt, lyrical debut follows Clara through her summer with her grandparents, who live in small huts in the remote Oaxacan mountains. After her grandfather tells Clara that her grandmother "can see a whole world that the rest of us cannot," Clara learns that Abuelita is a healer, and in alternating first-person narratives, Resau juxtaposes Abuelita's stories of her coming-of-age with Clara's own awakening. Pedro, a young neighbor, stirs some of Clara's first romantic desires and forces questions about cultural misperceptions. The metaphors of personal discovery are sometimes heavy and esoteric, and the transitions between narrators are occasionally contrived. But in poetic, memorable language, Resau offers a rare glimpse into an indigenous culture, grounding her story in the universal questions and conflicts of a young teen. Readers who enjoyed Ann Cameron's Colibri (2003) will find themselves equally swept up in this powerful, magical story, and they'll feel, along with Clara, "the spiderweb's threads, connecting me to people miles and years away." Gillian Engberg Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Did you know? By Karl Fishcer

23 October 2008

This has nothing to do with books, I'm sorry, but please read this message.
Have you ever had questions about the future? What the next generation of children around the world will be experiencing after the old age dies away? Do you have any idea how advanced technology can get in 2 years? in 2010 things will change so much, it would be a wonder to people in 2008.

and here's t
he you tube version

Send this video to all your friends, family, and teachers, plus adults you know. They'll be amazed by this video.

Cornelia Funke

18 October 2008

German Author, Cornelia Funke
She's a loved children's author, and also the author of the famous Inkheart series. Note that the 3rd book to the Inkheart series has been released, Inkdeath. She wrote,

When Santa Fell to Earth
Dragon Rider
Ghosthunters series
Igraine the Brave
The Theif Lord
Most of her books are for children, but The Theif Lord is for everyone all ages. The setting is in Venice Italy, where two runaway orphans try to find a home. They meet a gang, whose leader is THE THEIF LORD and provides money for all the other children in the gang. The Inkheart series is for young adults too, a thrilling series about story characters that get 'read' out of their book by Meggie's dad. You'll have to read it to understand it. Its a fantastic fantasy. The other books are more for 8-10 year old books.

Christopher Paolini Special

17 October 2008

The well famous Eragon series is highly recommended for everyone all ages. Its a very powerful story about Dragon Rider Eragon and his dragon Sophia. Each book grows more serious then the other, and a new book, Brisngr, has become a bestseller. The movie, Eragon, is terrible in my opinion. Like all movie, Eragon misses out on some sections, but way much more then imaginable. In fact, the producers of Eragon could not make another movie because on how much the first movie Eragon missed out on. And the actor that plays Eragon in the movie is HORRIBLE, and not very appealing like I thought the real Eragon was (is).

Of course, before watching the movie (if you watched it) read the book first. If you watch the movie first, then it erases your imagination from the book. PLEASE read the book first!!!

Elaine and Emily

16 October 2008

Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell is a poem formatted Arthurian legend focusing on Elaine of Ascollat. It shows a different view of boy-like Elaine from her point of veiw. There's romance included, romance readers! All through all, an excellent book.

The Emily Windsnap series is a really weak story about a half girl/mermaid. But if your 8 or younger, then its a perfect book for you. Biggish print letters, and terrible writing. ugh!

Greek Mythology Books

Greek Mythology is a magnetic topic that many readers LOVE to read. Enthralling as it is, some authors write mythology in the most boring-est way EVER. Below are some books that display Greek Mythology in the most thrilling way

Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize by Esther Friesner
Mythology- Edith Hamilton

Mythology by Edith Hamilton gives more like short stories on famous tales. Hope you'll love it! The Esther Friesner books (Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize) show Helen of Sparta before the Trojan War. And it just so happens that Helen did not start the Trojan War as many people claim, is was actually Eris God of Discord. Eris was angry for not being invited to a wedding and set a golden apple with the words "To The Fairest" engraved in it

. Immediatly, Athene Hera, and Aphrodite claimed the apple was theirs. Unable to choose, they relied of Paris, the young and handsome prince of Troy, to choose. Each goddess bribed Paris, but Aphrodite's bribe was the one that Paris accepted.
"I will give you the most beautiful mortal, Helen of Sparta", she had whispered.

Helen is shown as a heroine, a strong woman, instead of a beautiful woman stolen from her home.

Gail Carson Levine

Gail Carson Levine is a humor/fantasy writer that writes humorous morphed up fairy tales. I like mixed up fairy tales, and Levine just meets all my standards. Her books are for all ages, even adults. Below are the titles of Gail Carson Levine's books, and the date it was published.

Ella Enchanted (1997)
The Fairy's Mistake (1999)
The Princess Test (1999)
The Wish (1999)
Dave at Night (1999)
Cinderellis and the Glass Hill (2000)
The Two Princesses of Bamarre (2001)
Betsy Who Cried Wolf (2002)
The Fairy's Return (2002)
Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (2005)
Fairest (2006)
Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand (2007)
Ever (2008)

Fairest and Ever are more like romance novels, including The Two Princesses of Bammare. The rest are romance, but really hilarious. Its reallllllllly highly recommended.

The Artemis Fowl Special

This is one of my most FAVORITE series in the whole world. Artemis Fowl is a dangerously smart and hilarious character, and all the books are always adventurous. A must-read to all Artemis Fowl fans is a guide called The Artemis Fowl Files by Eoin Colfer. The Progress reports from Artemis's school is incredible! Below is the Artemis Fowl series in order

Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident
Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code
Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception
Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony
Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox
If you understand extensive vocabulary, then this is the book for you. Machines and advanced technology is also promised. Eoin Colfer himself was an Irish boy, but now an Irish man. He was always interested in Irish mythology since he was a child, and he became inspired to write the first Artemis Fowl book.


Other less fun books (my opinion) is
The Wish List
The Supernaturalist

AIRMAN by Eoin Colfer is a new one, and relates to airplanes and the sky.

You might have already read Rick Riordan's The Lightning Theif series, but I would suggest you read them all before you read Battle of The Labyrinth the 4th book to the series, (361 pages). This book is about a young demi-god, Percy Jackson, who realizes that he is the son of a god, son of a god of the BIG THREE
Zeus, King of the Sky
Poseidon, King of the Ocean
Hades, King of the Underworld

So who is Percy's father? And why is it such a big deal that it might cause a war amongst the gods? Imagine how deadly the force of the gods are.... Modern Greek mythology, humor, and action-packed moments, this series is incerdible. I sound like a commercial, don't I? haha.

If your interested in reading a really easy to understand book about Global Warming, read The Down to Earth Guide to Global Warming. It's really nice, except that it also reveals the sad truth about our dying Earth.

Great books

15 October 2008

About me, the blogger

For suggested Young Adult books, check my other blog

I didn't choose the bar code! Well I did, but I couldn't change it! It contains some great books, but I've got much more on this blog. I'm a young adult myself and a really good reader. Most books on this blog are....
  • fantasy
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  • fiction
Yes, well............thats it. I'll reveal more of my personality through my future posts.

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